What Can Heidi Vaughan Arts Marketing Do For You?

Just about anything, and nearly everything. I created my company to serve the needs of people who love art. I offer a full range of marketing services for museums, artists, and individual collectors in Houston.

I have decades of experience in marketing and public relations, a category that encompasses a lot of activities. People think it means maintaining websites, managing social media, working with reporters from magazines, newspapers, radio stations, and television, and it does. I have experience in these activities. I can help you with a lot more, too.

I have served as the personal publicist for a number of individuals, including artists and business people. I’ve set up media tours for clients, helped write their correspondence and message points, and escorted them around the country on promotional tours. I’ve planned meetings and written speeches. I’ve drafted video scripts, contracted with videographers, and done voice-over work. I’ve worked on branding with major corporations and nonprofits.

One of my favorite jobs is working as an editor. I have helped conduct and transcribe interviews, and have been the author of a couple regular columns. I’ve written two books on foreign living for ConocoPhillips, and transcribed and edited a history book with Rice University History Professor Emeritus, Dr. Harold Hyman. I’ve written many brochures, and edited annual reports.

I know how to plan events, and can work on sponsorship, underwriting, and venue selection. I can coordinate with caterers, designers, photographers, and printers. I’ve been fortunate to help hang an exhibition, and I’ve contracted quite a number of musicians. I can do big things, and be happy doing little things, too. I’ve even helped a client create his own fragrance for publicity purposes.

Research is one of my favorite activities, especially to find grant opportunities, which takes time but can be very rewarding. I enjoy compiling the necessary information and writing grants. Other research I have conducted is on a particular artist, movement, or issue. I can shop for clients, too, including working to find specific books to add to a collection, or other time-intensive searches. I once even procured 100 pairs of new-in-box vintage platform shoes from 1975 for a client.

I’ve also conducted research on cultural heritage issues for the Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum, and organized events for Houston Museum District Day. I’ve helped plan HISD teacher training at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and written entries for clients in award competitions. I once organized dozens of boxes of photographs and press clippings collected over 20 years by The Brookwood Community. I’m open to just about anything.

Art shows are great fun, and I have worked many trade shows, too. I’ve done a lot of information gathering at luncheons and talks. I can attend business meetings and events on a client’s behalf. This is an area where I can really help out someone who is busy, and I provide a professional report following all such activities.

I even co-chaired a benefit in Houston for 1,000 people, for The Brookwood Community, that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. It doesn’t matter how big or small the job is. Bring me your idea, and let’s see what we can do together. I am available on a project or hourly basis. I also do pro bono work for artists when I am able. I can be reached any time at Heidi@heidivaughan.com and 832/875-6477.

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